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Weekly Walk Through Check List

Walk Performed By: ___________________

Date: ________

Property Address: _____________________

____ General inspection of the interior including furniture, appliances, doors and windows (digital photographs).
____ Maintain proper temperature setting of the heating and air conditioning systems as required per seasonal conditions.  Thermostats should be on auto 74 Cool and 68 Heat
_____ Operate all light fixtures, ceiling fans and bathroom exhaust fans.
_____ Check all water faucets.


_____ Check for loose fixtures such as door handles, towel bars, cabinet doors etc.
_____ Check hot water tank.


_____ Test smoke alarm(s).
_____ Test all GFCI breakers.
_____ Remove dead bugs.
_____ Check AlC condensate drain and check safety shut-off.
_____ Inspect air handler and air filter.
_____ Check water lines under bathroom vanities, kitchen sink, toilet supply, dishwasher and refrigerator icemaker tine for possible leaks.
_____ Flush toilets.
_____ Inspect attic areas for any possible roof leaks or rodent concerns.
_____ Check pilot light in fireplace
_____ Check each TV, turn on and check cable connection (PD 1944-smooth Jazz)
_____ Provide notification of each inspection via e-mail, mail, fax or phone.
_____ Check Grill Operation -make sure it ignites

Additional Comments:

Repairs done during visit:

Items needed for next visit:


Handyman Services

Now is a great time for all busy homeowners to get some help with maintenance projects around your home.

Advantage Services & Maintenance conducts property repairs & maintenance. We also can complete repairs listed on home inspection reports as wells as repairs needed for Real Estate closings.

  • faucet installations
  • shower head installations
  • carpentry
  • windows & doors
  • fence installations
  • ceiling fan installations
  • interior/exterior painting &
  • service yard repairs
  • mailbox replacements & installations
  • vinyl siding repairs
  • lock replacements
  • garbage disposal installations
  • trash & debris removal
  • drywall & textured ceilings
  • pergola repairs
  • deck repairs, porches & patios

Give us a call any time. We will be more than happy to give you a free
estimate or discuss the services available.

ASM Maintenance

(843) 368-8371

Additional Services

Handyman: $55 per hour plus parts

Window cleaning: $6 per window inside and out

Carpet cleaning: $50 per room; for every 2 rooms we will do a hallway or stairs for free.  Otherwise they are $25

Power washing: Estimates provided based on size of the job.

Blowing roof: Estimate based on size and difficulty

Enhanced Inspections: $55 hourly base rate.  This is what you would expect from a management company but on as needed bases.  This would be on top of the cleaning inspection already provided.

Business Hours
Monday – Friday 7:30am – 6pm
Saturday – 9am-5pm

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